About Us

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy and learn martial arts, which can help individuals achieve their martial arts and personal fitness goals, stay healthy, and learn how to defend themselves if needed. We are committed to providing personalized training in martial arts for use in everyday situations. Our dojang focuses on self-defense and fitness, but we recognize that some people enjoy the sports side of martial arts as well. For parents who home-school their children, our dojang provides kids with a way to interact with others students, while giving them a healthy and beneficial way to acquire credits.

We strive to provide the highest quality instruction, so membership is limited to retain personal touch so that each person receives the best training possible.


Our dojang has a balance that we believe is different from any other dojang, and think that our approach to training has something for everyone.  We train in Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Tactical Hapkido, Self Defense, Mixed Martial Arts and Olympic and Point-style sparring. We offer a ranking system for Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Tactical Hapkido and a brand new ranking system for Mixed Martial Arts.   We also offer a home school exercise curriculum for both students and their parents. (Some of our programs are open to only to adults, or to individuals age  13 and older, with parental permission.)


We believe that once a person begins training in martial arts, many will make it a permanent part of their lives; some people will dislike it; and some will come to appreciate it. But for each person, it is a highly individual journey. We offer a trial period that applies to the students as well as the dojang. This trial period enables everyone to determine if the student and dojang are a good fit.  We are here to train students, but if our style and material are not suited to any particular student, we will not force anyone to stay at the dojang.  On the other hand, we will not alter our approach, since it has been developed over years of intense personal experience.


Our goal is to teach the beauty of traditional style martial arts and to branch out into more self-defense. Individuals interested only in being able to defend themselves will find our dojang adaptable in training style and schedule, so that at any given time a student can practice in one or more aspects of martial arts and obtain recognition, if they decide to pursue that option.


The purpose of our dojang is to meet individual needs ,while making each person’s journey into martial arts an experience that is enjoyable, rewarding, and most of all suited to each individual.  Paper is good for writing on; experience, practice, dedication, and perfection make martial artists.


Our dojang’s motto is “Balance is Power".  This is true not just in martial arts, but in all of life!