Belt Rank


  Tactical Hapkido 

White Belt 10th Gup
Orange Belt 9th Gup
Yellow Belt 8th Gup
High Yellow Belt 7th Gup
Green Belt 6thGup
High Green Belt 5th Gup
Blue Belt 4th Gup
Purple Belt 3rd Gup
Red Belt 2nd Gup
High Red Belt 1st Gup
Black Belt 1st Dan
White Belt
Yellow Belt
High Yellow Belt
Green Belt
High Green Belt
Blue Belt
High Blue Belt
Red Belt
High Red Belt
Black Belt
Promotion of Rank

Our dojang does not award certificates based on class attendance, but solely on participation, quality and depth of knowledge of material, and how well an individual executes the material. We feel that each person is on a personal journey to be absorbed, not just time served in a uniform or showing up to class. Our dojang will not advance any student who cannot perform the material as shown or developed for their needs and abilities. We do understand that due to physical limitations, some students may not be able to perform certain moves and or techniques. Students will be judged and rated on the material they can perform with the modifications demonstrated by the dojang. We strive to make sure that students can defend themselves, while placing emphasis on the beauty and complexity of the martial arts.

Our dojang offers ranking in:
  • TaeKwonDo
  • World TaeKwon Do Federation (WTF )- Forms
  • Tactical Hapkido (Requires membership in Tactical Hapkido Alliance)
    • $35 initial fee for lifetime membership 

Belt Cross-ranking:

We welcome all styles to attend and train at our dojang. We reserve the right to evaluate a student’s abilities and will respect his/her belt level, but will require a student to learn all curriculum our dojang provides for that rank, and will not promote anyone until this requirement is met. A particular style’s ranking system will be examined to determine where it best fits into our ranking system. Our dojang’s Grand Master ultimately will have final input into the rank given or recognized, with no exceptions. If an individual holds a rank and valid certificate in any style that we teach, we will honor that rank. All students may be tested to determine what material they may need to review to comply with the dojang’s standards. Only upon final approval from the dojang’s Grand Master will we provide final crossover rank.