Am I too old to start TaeKwonDo/Martial Arts/Self Defense?

You are never too old to start, our dojang take s a unique look at what a person is looking for and we develop their training to meet their needs. Our schools requirements in area’s are modified to allow individuals to be able to meet all testing requirements without losing the intent or purpose behind specific material being taught.

Am I able to take class with my child?

We encourage parents to participate with their children.

Can anyone start at anytime?

We have all levels of rank and skills at the school, we do not have specific enrollment times and each person’s training is based on their needs and abilities. You start training when you are ready we take care of the rest.

What If I have some physical limitations?

This is a big question we get all the time; I have injuries that will prevent me from taking martial arts. We strongly encourage each person with a physical limitation to consult their doctor and find out what their limitations are. We then take that information and base your training on what you can do and make sure we provide you with practical self-defense techniques that will be affective in defending yourself.  At no time will we ask you to do something that will injure you. Learning taekwondo can add to and increase your physical abilities by keeping you in shape and adding to your flexibility.

What can I do to get ready for this kind of training?

We hear this all the time I need to get in better shape to start taking martial arts, we tell people start and do the best of your ability the more you train the better in shape you will become.

Do I have to test or can I just come for fitness?

If you just want to learn self defense and not worry about certification or testing then you never have to test you will be taught material based on how well you know the techniques. Once we feel you have mastered it you can start to learn other material.  Certification is just a way to measure progression and support martial arts. If you ever plan on doing any activities or tournaments or teaching we advise you to follow the course of certification for recognition of your training.

What is the earliest I can start my child?

We do not start to train children until the age of 5 in our beginner program. this is by registration and limited times of the year. This  helps us determine when a younger child is ready to begin the full hour classes.

Do I have to spar?

No one will be forced to spar in martial arts. It is recommended to learn or try some sparring to help train muscles and experience confrontation it is a learning tool and is recommended but not required.

When is the best time to start training?

There is no better time than the present. The sooner you start the sooner you can begin your journey into martial arts.

What if I can only train part time?

As we do not force students to sign contracts you can start and stop as often as you like, remember it is your journey into the martial arts. We have many types of payment options to fit your training needs. Martial Arts training are a personal journey and you will progress as fast or slow as you want. We provide the knowledge!

How long does it take to reach black Belt?

As each person trains and progresses at their own pace it is hard to say how long it will take. Taekwondo does have some recognized requirements.  Those will vary based on what school and organization the schools are members of. Our school promotes only when you have learned and can perform all techniques only then can you progress as a recognized practitioner of martial arts. If you are dedicated and train 2- 3 times a week for two years you should reach High Red, you will spend a year at High Red. So in general a black belt would take no less than 2- 3 years to be eligible for a black belt.  This rank means something to our school it is not just given to someone because they have served time it is a rank that deserves and demands dedication and only those students who show  the dedication drive and skills necessary will be given the opportunity to test for this rank.