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Tenets and Rules

Courtesy:Respect, manners; always treating others as you would like to be treated.
Integrity: Be honest enough with yourself to always do what you know is right in your heart.
Self-Control: To control your feeling, emotions, anger and technique.
Perseverance: Keep working for your goal no matter how hard, never give up.
Indomitable Spirit: Unbeatable spirit, if you get knocked down, always get up; stand up for what is right against any odds (related to perseverance).
Students attempt to practice the following elements of respect to build up their character and to conduct the training in an orderly manner as well.
1. To promote the spirit of mutual concessions.
2. To over come one’s vices.
3. To be polite to one another.
4. To encourage the sense of justice and humanity -Helping those weaker than ones self .
5. To distinguish instructor from student, senior from junior and elder from younger.
6. To behave oneself according to etiquette.
7. To respect others’ possessions.
8. To handle matters with fairness and sincerity.
9. To refrain from giving or accepting a gift when in doubt.

Children should show respect to their parents and family members at all times.
Children should greet their parents when they enter the house and tell them goodbye when they leave.
Children should be truthful at all times.
Children should maintain a good relationship with their brothers and sisters.
Children should help with household chores.(helps to learn responsibility)
Children should keep their own room neat and clean.
Children should keep their body, hair and teeth clean at all times (everyday).
Children should not interrupt adult conversations.
Children should study their schoolwork at school and at home. Students can earn rewards for good grades when Report cards are be brought in to Master Fox.
Children should show respect for teachers, instructors and peers at all times.

Martial Arts is a way of life. It is NOT a sport, NOT a game, NOR a religion. It is a discipline where mind and body are developed. It is not taken up and then abandoned. Its benefiits are continued for life. Martial Arts has no room for anger, ego, pride or conceit. You are not here to prove that you are better than anyone. You are here to improve as a martial artist and a person. Martial Arts is NOT learning how to fight. You will be taught in accordance to your ability to learn, as decided by Master Fox. Your ability will directly relate to the amount of effort you exert in class. If you do not practice with the proper mental attitude, you will not be able to defend yourself in a real situation Your size does not matter. Once Tae Kwon Do is mastered, you should be able to defend yourself against any opponent.
School Rules
The study of Tae Kwon Do requires discipline of the mind and body. Maintaining the following rules will make your learning more enjoyable and will build pride in your school.
  • Bow(Shows Courtesy) to Instructor and flags upon entering and leaving the school.
  • Take off your shoes upon entering the dojang.
  • Bow(Shows Courtesy) to the flags on entering and leaving the dojang training area.
  • Bow(Shows Courtesy) to your seniors when addressing them and again when the conversation is over. Once class has started, do not leave the dojang area without permission.
  • Before going to Instructor for help, ask someone who is at least a belt or two higher than yourself. There will be NO profanity, Students shold not chew gum, whistle, smoke, horseplay or loud talking inside the dojang.
  • Do NOT stand with hands on hips or arms crossed while being addressed by Instructor or fellow students (this shows disrespect). Always stand at attention when being addressed by Instructor or any of the black belts.
  • When being instructed by any higher belt, acknowledge with "Yes Sir/ Ma'am", "No Sir/Ma'am" and "Thank you Sir/Ma'am". This shows respect for higher belts. Keep uniform neat and clean at all times. Keep finger and toe nails trimmed short and cleaned at all times. Do NOT wear jewelry in the dojang area. Do not face Instructor, flags or any black belt while tying your belt or fixing your uniform.
  • Highest ranking belt in dojang (other than Master or Instructor) is responsible for maintaining discipline of lower belts and younger students in training area.
  • The area is equipped with shoe cubbies and hooks. Use them. Leaving coats and other clothing laying on the floor show disrespect. While waiting for class to begin, Take advantage of time to stretch. Do not play games, run around or show other forms of misbehavior.
  • If injured during class, report Instructor immediately. If you have an injury that prohibits you from participating in some or all of class, inform Master Fox or an Instructor.