Master Brian Knipple
Head Instructor/Owner

·         4th  Degree (Master) Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do

·         2nd  Degree Black Belt Kukkiwon Rank, with World Tae Kwon Do Federation

·         2nd  Degree Black Belt, Tactical Hapkido

·         Certified Instructor under Harrisburg Institute Tae Kwon Do
·         Wrestling/Grappling Background
·         Currently training in Yeousohnkido
·         Over 15 years of Martial Arts experience
·         Opened School June 2011


In my early teens after I was run over by a bus I started to develop many physical issues that were causing health problems and making everyday activities a challenge. I was told that by age 40, I would most likely have serious back and hip problems.  A severe car accident in 1998 caused even further complications to my already compromised physical condition, and further reduced my ability to perform everyday activities as a result of additional lower back and hip injuries.

Although I began training for my health and physical wellbeing, a benefit was that I began to feel better and more flexible.   With my faith in the Lord and many hours of training, I have reached many of my goals and still continue to train today:  I am currently working on my 5th Dan Black Belt.  

One of my goals is to help people learn to defend themselves no matter what their physical condition. I truly believe that martial arts can be enjoyed and learned; with faith and dedication anyone can achieve their goals in martial arts, just like I did.

I believe that martial arts can help develop both the physical and social skills of children and adults by providing stronger personal relationships through enjoyable and rewarding activities for families and individuals.