Grand Master NAM KYU Yoon

Grand Master Yoon was born in Korea and like other Korean children, started training in taekwondo at a young age. He learned to stand up for himself and to teach others the respect, courtesy, kindness, and grace of taekwondo. After high dojang, he joined the Korean Army and was a Special Course Trainer of taekwondo. He later traveled to Vietnam and trained their militia, returning to Korea for a year before emigrating to the United States, where he opened several dojangs in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Since being in the U.S., Grand Master Yoon has awarded black belts to thousands of deserving students.           

Grand Master Joe Fox

Grand Master Yoon's highest ranking student, Grand Master Joe Fox, began teaching in 1977, starting the Harrisburg Institute of Tae Kwon Do in 1987.  He primarily chose TKD because he liked the art, flexibility and kicking. He won over 300 trophies between 1988 and 1995, including 12 Grand Championships in the Black Belt Sparring Division. He promotes local tournaments, and directed the 1999 PA State Governor's Cup Tournament. He has trained under Grand Master Seung Kil Choi and Grand Master Nam Kyu Yoon (Alabama TKD President).

Master  Brian Knipple

Currently training under Grand Master Fox, Brian Knipple has over 10+ years of teaching/training in Martial Arts and Wrestling. He continues to help at tournaments and is still actively training. He has a wide back ground of additional training in wrestling, grappling, and hapkido. He believes that self-defense is the primary goal for learning martial arts and sees how it provides self-confidence and balance in a person’s life. He feels that in order to defend yourself, like all martial arts, requires both dedication and practice.