Our dojang teaches TaeKwonDo/Hapkido/Self Defense and basic MMA. You will be tested by the dojang and have your certificates approved by our Grand Master (Grand Master Fox) who has more than 20+ years of experience and multiple black belts in many different styles. You will have the opportunity to be ranked internationally with kukkiwan (which is the governing body of taekwondo worldwide) Tactical Hapkido or in the newly ranked MMA core training system.

Our self-defense training requires you to pass proficiency on a fully padded, real life attacker to ensure that you are able to correctly defend yourself. We believe the only way to instill confidence and truly test your knowledge is through action.  A piece of paper does not prove whether or not you can adequately defend yourself.
We are the first local dojang to offer an MMA-style ranking system and dual belt classification that can track all three types Taekwondo, Hapkido, and MMA training. This MMA classification is only recognized at our dojang, and does not apply to international certification/ranking.


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