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Home School:
A special home school program targets the core basics of training. Upon completion, students will receive signed certificates, but these are not certifications as martial artists. This certificate is also available to any student who takes the regular program and meets the time requirements of his or her local school district.

Program includes:

  • Physical fitness
  • Stretching/balance
  • Basics kicks
  • Basic punches
  • 2 general forms
  • Learn falls
  • Basic blocks
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills and interaction
General Fitness:

Any one of our programs offers students a great way to stay in shape. No matter what an individual’s physical condition, all of the programs provide a good start.

Instructor Training Program (ITP):

As our dojang grows, we will offer students the opportunity to move up in our in Instructor Training Program.
Once a student has achieved 8th Gup (red belt) and has shown the skills and quality we look for in instructors, he or she will be allowed to enroll in our ITP program. Students who are enrolled in the program will and successfully complete the approval process will receive a 5% discount on dojang membership once they reach instructor level, as more responsibility will be required from them. Students looking to open a dojang or to teach martial arts will learn the skills and information needed to reach their goal through this program.
Our program starts with the following:
  • Lead Student: (Red Belt)
  • Lead ITP students take on the responsibility of leading class in daily operations such as drills, stretching and general operations. To take this first step in the ITP program, a student must have reached Red Belt status which is 8th Gup.
  • Assistant Instructor: (High Red/Brown)
  • Assistant instruction begins when a student has demonstrated abilities as a Lead Student, and has successfully tested for the next rank and shown ability to lead the classes.
  • An assistant instructor may conduct the same duties as a Lead Student but are also able to help in advanced belt tests, review, and demonstrate new forms and techniques to new students; as well as run a whole class/group of under belts.
  • Instructor: (1st Dan)
  • Lead instructors are responsible for maintaining class conduct and helping ITP students, and for making sure all forms/techniques being taught in the dojang are consistent with the dojang training.
  • Certified Instructor (2nd Dan)
  • A certified instructor over sees all dojang functions; opens and closes classes; and is permitted instruct classes and run the dojang in the absence of the master instructors.